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I’ve been taking Grandpappi immune support now for a couple of weeks and it has really helped with keeping me healthy and avoiding colds and have stopped having sniffles or sore throats when I’m at the office. Would highly recommend!

Rolando Ramirez

I never would've thought in a million years I'd be so in love with my vitamins I'd review them, share them with friends, share them with strangers or even be happy to take them everyday. But here we are! Everything about these vitamins are so thoughtful from the way their sourced to their delivery. Taking them doesn't feel like an obligation and buying them doesn't feel like a hassle. They're delivered to my door, I know exactly what's in them and adding something to my routine has never felt like such a value! If someone was on the fence about trying them I'd say I was on the fence once too and now I'm Tom Cruiz on Operah's couch shouting to anyone who'll listen, "I LOVE THESE VITAMINS!" so get off the fence!

Jessica Bazan

The ingredients in Granpappi's Immune support is exactly what I had been looking for all in one pill. I feel great since I've been taking them. I highly recommend these to anyone looking to stay in good health.

Rudy E

Grandpappi’s are great! They have agreed with my stomach. The ingredients are quality! I am so glad I was able to get my hands on this product...helping me stay healthy during this pandemic.

Carmen B

I can’t swear these pills are keeping me from being sick, I can only say I haven’t been sick since I started taking them. But I CAN say the probiotics are keeping me regular, and as a woman approaching her 50’s, this is EXTREMELY important to me. I try to eat clean and healthy, but as I’ve gotten older that hasn’t been enough, and bloating and irregular bowel movements are conditions I thought I was going to have to accept as part of my aging process. Now I know better! Thank you Grandpappi!

Erika Diamond

Excellent immune boosting supplement with the cleanest ingredients ! Ive been looking for these for so long ! It is literally full of ALL the right ingredients that the body needs like vitamin C, echinacea ,zinc, just to name a few. It even has elderberry as an added perk! Grandpappi emergency immune support have definitely become part of my daily self care routine and will recommend it to others.

Nicoletta Stancila